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The Misty Realms of Theory

Like people, organizations need to know why they exist, or they drift through life unanchored and tossed about. Some organizations have to search high and low to try and figure out why they are; not so the church. The church … Continue reading

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To Be The Church Celebration

Here is the video from this morning @ LifePoint. Over the last 4 months hundreds of people prayed, fasted, gave, and built. Thank you for working to expand our ability to equip the church to be the church!

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Stop and Celebrate

A confession: I am a recovering addict. I’m not sure when it first began, but like any addiction, it crept into my life under false pretenses. It created in me a built-in mechanism that produced thoughts and actions, veiled under … Continue reading

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LifePoint Church…For Our City

Amazing story here of the impact LifePoint Church is making through strategic partnerships with community organizations in Vancouver. God has called us out of the world to be the church in the world. For more videos, or to give and … Continue reading

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The Church…In Community…On the Mission

Here is our most recent To Be The Church video from LifePoint Church.

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Big Need This Sunday @ LifePoint

As many of you know, we are 6 weeks into a 9 week initiative at LifePoint called “To Be The Church.” The response thus far has been awesome. We have seen hundreds of people commit to pray, fast, give, and … Continue reading

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Why Do We Exist?

This is our mission statement at LifePoint: LifePoint exists to glorify God as a community being transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We begin that statement very intentionally with the emphasis on glorifying God. As we were forming this … Continue reading

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To Be The Church

This week at LifePoint we launched a 63-day visionary initiative called To Be The Church. This initiative is a step of faith that we are taking together as a church to grow in unity and accomplish a number of needed projects … Continue reading

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Vision Sunday: This Weekend @ LifePoint

I am a couple of months into my 4th year as the Lead Pastor at LifePoint. The journey has been both massively humbling and tremendously exciting at the same time. Toward the end of last year I began to realize … Continue reading

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Stop Talking, Start Doing…

Can you think of anything in the world that you think should change? I’m guessing your answer to that question is relatively easy. We all desire change in some way. No one is perfectly satisfied with their world, and those … Continue reading

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