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Show Me Your Doctrine

Is right doctrine more a matter of what you say you believe or what you show you believe? If you read the book of Titus (and the book of James for that matter), I think you’ll find that right doctrine … Continue reading

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The Church as a Body [Part 1]

The New Testament describes the church as a family, a structure being built by God, a holy temple where God dwells, and God’s field. All of these metaphors identify different aspects of the church’s makeup, but perhaps no metaphor is … Continue reading

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Letter from a Young Man

Last night at our Legacy Christmas Dinner a number of our young adults came out to serve an elegant meal to our seniors group. At the close of the night Sam (our young adult pastor) presented and read this letter … Continue reading

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Legacy at LifePoint

This weekend our young adults are teaming up to put on an elegant dinner for our Legacy Seniors group. It will be a really cool event. We are blessed with a wonderful community of older saints here at LifePoint. I think … Continue reading

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Run-in with Grace

I’ve always loved baseball.  Around age 4 I joined my first team, a T-ball club in Sebastopol, CA.  My parents would bring me to Ragle Park on sunny Saturday mornings as I proudly donned my ball cap and stirrups, ready … Continue reading

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