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Getting Over “Easy Math” on Suffering

The sufferings of Job are well-known. His story, unfolded in the 18th book of the Old Testament, is one of loss and despair, devastation and redemption. It sheds great light on the issue of suffering and the character of God. … Continue reading

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Though You Slay Me (Shane and Shane)

I have watched/listened to this video a number of times this week. The lyrics to this song are saturated with biblical relevance. The line “though you slay me, I will  hope in you” is from Job 13:15. The excerpt from … Continue reading

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Incarnation in a Nutshell

This verse is just one of 23 verses that we’ll study this week at LifePoint from our passage Mark 6:30-52. Mark 6:48: And he saw that they were making headway painfully, for the wind was against them. And about the … Continue reading

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Sub-Urban II: Suffering

Here are the sermon notes from the second installment of our current series.  For video of this sermon, click here.  For audio, click here.  Sub-Urban Legends Part II                                                                                   5.8.11 Title: A Mother’s Son Legend: “God sits silent while we suffer.” … Continue reading

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God and Suffering?

Where is God when we suffer?  On Sunday we will tackle the urban legend “God sits silent while we suffer.”  It often seems that as Christians we want to let God off the hook when it comes to suffering.  The … Continue reading

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