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Getting Over “Easy Math” on Suffering

The sufferings of Job are well-known. His story, unfolded in the 18th book of the Old Testament, is one of loss and despair, devastation and redemption. It sheds great light on the issue of suffering and the character of God. … Continue reading

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Though You Slay Me (Shane and Shane)

I have watched/listened to this video a number of times this week. The lyrics to this song are saturated with biblical relevance. The line “though you slay me, I will  hope in you” is from Job 13:15. The excerpt from … Continue reading

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When You Suffer…

The Bible has a great deal to say about suffering. Some have argued that dealing with pain is the central theme of the Scriptures.[1] Could we not contend that suffering is one of the major underlying realities that unites every … Continue reading

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Walking with God through Pain and Suffering

Timothy Keller’s newest book, Walking with God through Pain and Suffering is a masterpiece. I’m preaching on 1 Peter 1:6-12 this coming weekend, so the subject he addresses is one in which I find myself neck-deep. Suffering as a Christian is … Continue reading

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Lament for a Son

In about a week and a half we are beginning a new series at LifePoint, called “Letter to an Exile.” It will be a 5-month journey through the book of 1 Peter, passage by passage. I have been preparing for … Continue reading

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Trusting God in our Weakness

I came upon this poem today in my research on Mark 14. Until I learned to trust, I never learned to pray; And I did not learn to fully trust Till sorrows came my way. Until I felt my weakness, … Continue reading

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Revelation to the Original Reader

Assignment: Reflections and Impressions of Revelation Written from the Perspective of an Original Recipient As an original recipient of the letter of Revelation, the words of this book overwhelm me.  These words have been addressed to me and my church … Continue reading

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