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Jesus vs. The Bible: A Fair Fight?

When Jesus gave his followers their final marching orders (what we often call “The Great Commission” in Matthew 28:16-20) he said, “Make disciples of all nations…baptizing and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” An important thing to … Continue reading

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It Is Written (by Sam Cassese)

Last week’s blog on “worship” in church by Tyler Clarensau became the most-read post in the 3+ year (and 500+ blog) history of 2thesource in only 5 days. This week another pastor at LifePoint, Sam Cassese, is getting in on … Continue reading

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Sola Scriptura: The Bible is Clear

A week ago I posted the first of five blogs on the subject of sola Scriptura (“Scripture alone”). This doctrine is one of the major tenets of the Protestant Reformation, and central to the evangelical faith. This is the second … Continue reading

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Sola Scriptura: The Authority of the Bible

Rather than embracing the underlying suspicion of the Bible espoused by theological liberalism (as we’ve seen in the previous three posts), I want to offer the historic doctrine of sola Scriptura as a better alternative. I disagree with Zack Hunt, … Continue reading

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Does God Care About the Bible? Should We?

We have been talking about what we believe about the Bible this week on 2thesource. In the last two posts I have talked about the popular face of theological liberalism in Christian culture today, as well as the ultimate source … Continue reading

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The Bible and Rob Bell (Part 2)

I began part 1 of this series yesterday with this assertion about the Bible: I believe the Bible is God’s word, that it is authoritative, clear, sufficient, inspired by God, infallible, and inerrant. We have to start here, not simply … Continue reading

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The Bible and Rob Bell

For a number of weeks I’ve had this series of blogs percolating in my head. I am thinking about two subjects: the Bible and the Church. I have been reading a series of books and blogs recently, from both sides … Continue reading

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