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Lessons from 2014: A Pastor Needs to Study

Lesson #3: A Pastor Needs to Study I started my journey in full-time pastoral ministry 5 days after I graduated from seminary. Although I had been working on church staffs in different capacities for a few years, full-time vocational ministry … Continue reading

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Pastor, be a Christian First

When I was 21, about to enter my senior year of college, I came home to Oregon for the summer to work construction and save money for my final year. My undergraduate major was biblical studies, with an emphasis in … Continue reading

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For You Know That We Who Preach…

“First Peter ends next week right?” “Yeah.” “What are you going to preach next?” “I’m thinking 1 Thessalonians…maybe.” “How did you decide on that?” This was part of a conversation I had with my Dad this last Sunday. I’m not … Continue reading

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Easter Inspiration from George Whitefield

“Yea…that we shall see the great Head of the Church once more . . . raise up unto Himself certain young men whom He may use in this glorious employ. And what manner of men will they be? Men mighty … Continue reading

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If You Can Be One Thing…

I’m thinking about the subject of preaching today. The prevailing thought occurring in my mind at the moment is: If you can be one thing in your preaching, be faithful. As we learn to communicate through preaching, we generally focus … Continue reading

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And Down the Stretch We Come

This Sunday we enter week 50 of our study in the Gospel of Mark. We have just 4 weeks left, as the passages get heavier, the intensity builds, and the culmination of this breathtaking eyewitness account arrives. Here is what is … Continue reading

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Preaching for God’s Glory

Alistair Begg begins his book, Preaching for God’s Glory, with this fitting account: “I have a vivid recollection as a small boy of sitting in St. George’sChurch is Glasgow waiting for the commencement of morning worship. At about three minutes … Continue reading

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