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Biblical Eldership

It is now 2016! People tend to think about what really matters to them and establish some goals and new direction at the beginning of a New Year. At LifePoint Church we are doing that as a leadership team. This … Continue reading

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Pastors, Stop Calling Your Wives Hot

My tipping point came in the fall of 2013. I was sitting in a youth conference with 600+ youth pastors and screaming teenagers. The hip speaker took the stage with his ultra skinny jeans and 80’s thick-rimmed glasses. He opened … Continue reading

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Lessons from 2014: A Pastor Needs to Study

Lesson #3: A Pastor Needs to Study I started my journey in full-time pastoral ministry 5 days after I graduated from seminary. Although I had been working on church staffs in different capacities for a few years, full-time vocational ministry … Continue reading

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Pastor, be a Christian First

When I was 21, about to enter my senior year of college, I came home to Oregon for the summer to work construction and save money for my final year. My undergraduate major was biblical studies, with an emphasis in … Continue reading

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Get in Line and Stay in Step

Learning is good. I do a lot of my learning in areas related to what I do for a living, namely pastoral ministry, theology, preaching, etc. I spent last Thursday with a group of pastors, all of us driving a … Continue reading

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What’s The Point of Church?

Earlier this week I posted on the first part of our mission statement at LifePoint. We exist to glorify God. But how does this inform how we work with people in the local church setting? LifePoint exists to glorify God … Continue reading

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If You Can Be One Thing…

I’m thinking about the subject of preaching today. The prevailing thought occurring in my mind at the moment is: If you can be one thing in your preaching, be faithful. As we learn to communicate through preaching, we generally focus … Continue reading

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Being a Pastor of a Local Church

This has been a good week of development in LifePoint Church. We have received a ton of feedback on the blogs from the last few days, the majority of which has been very positive and encouraging. The traffic on 2thesource … Continue reading

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Pentecostals: It’s Time to Leave Corinth

In following up on my post from yesterday, I’ve been thinking, praying, and dialoguing about issues regarding our understanding of the Holy Spirit and how he works in the church. In 21st century Pentecostalism, I think the majority of people … Continue reading

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Preachers: Are You Digging in the Wrong Place?

Raiders of the Lost Ark has been one of my favorite movies since I first watched it when I was about 10 years old. My older brother and I used to love watching the Indiana Jones Trilogy together (and yes, we … Continue reading

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