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The Religious Leader and the Shamed Outcast

How are you doing on your Christmas shopping? I’m about half-way there. I don’t know what your personal gift-search strategy is, but I tend to prefer the heat-seeking missile approach. I want to spend as little time as possible in … Continue reading

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A More Thorough Sermon On John 3

Yesterday at LifePoint we kicked off The Hour Has Come, our 2014 Advent series. I preached a single verse of Scripture, examining in detail the contents of John 3:16. We camped out in this one verse, and we found that it … Continue reading

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Don’t Be a Hoarder this Christmas

I’ve never had the chance to watch the TV show “Hoarders,” but I hear it’s pretty disturbing.  As the title attests, episodes of this A&E show chronicle the stories of people who hoard things.  The show seeks to document the … Continue reading

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