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Follow the Baptist

We began the series Beautiful Feet yesterday, a five-week journey in John’s gospel. To start, we looked at the mission and witness of John the Baptist in John 1:6-9. As we engage the mission of Jesus, we can learn a … Continue reading

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‘At-a-Boy’ and ‘You Jerk!’

I had a professor in seminary who used to say, “It takes 100 ‘at-a boy’s’ to cancel out 1 ‘you jerk’.” His point was that criticism seems to stick with us much longer and deeper than encouragement. It is an … Continue reading

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Grace Receiver

I love the gospel of John. It has a different character than the other gospels. It approaches the mission of revealing Jesus from a distinctive angle when compared with its counterparts. It was written a couple decades after Matthew, Mark … Continue reading

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The Preacher as Father

As a father to three little girls, the fourth metaphor used to describe the preacher from John Stott’s book The Preacher’s Portrait hits close to home. The preacher is first a steward, second a herald, third a witness, and fourth … Continue reading

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Incarnation in a Nutshell

This verse is just one of 23 verses that we’ll study this week at LifePoint from our passage Mark 6:30-52. Mark 6:48: And he saw that they were making headway painfully, for the wind was against them. And about the … Continue reading

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“In the end, aren’t all religions the same?  Don’t all paths lead to the same place?  If you hold your beliefs sincerely and you’re not hurting anyone else by them, isn’t that good enough?  Isn’t truth for you different than … Continue reading

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