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Annual Conference Takeaways Round 2

Click here for part 1 of this series. The theme of this year’s NWMN Conference was “Cultivate.” The idea behind this theme was the desire that this Annual Conference would be a context wherein “the soil of the heart of … Continue reading

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Taking Back Holiness

Holiness. What images and thoughts does that word evoke for you? I’m not sure where these thoughts come from, but as I think of “holiness” my mind drifts to images of stereo-typical stoic saintliness, smug expressions, rolling-eyes, and a “you … Continue reading

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Arrogance is a killer. Arrogance kills people in the church. My first thought was “arrogance kills the church,” but that’s not exactly possible. Jesus builds the church, he is the cornerstone who anchors it, and the gates of hell won’t … Continue reading

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The Prayer of Faith

What do you think of when you hear phrases like: “pray in faith” or “the prayer of faith”? What comes to mind? Do these phrases create questions in your mind? Do they evoke memories of times of prayer or issues … Continue reading

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This Pretty Much Sums It Up

This short clip serves as a great example of how a church culture develops as the gospel takes root. It correlates well with the central idea of our text this morning from Mark 8:1-21. That central idea is “We can’t see Jesus clearly until we … Continue reading

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Do Right Doctrine Right

Right doctrine is so important. The word used in the New Testament for doctrine means “teaching,” or “that which is taught.” Right doctrine is therefore right “teaching” or “teaching which is correct or sound.” Why is right doctrine so vital? … Continue reading

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Unity Starts with U.

If unity commands God’s blessing (Psalm 133), don’t you want unity?  I want unity so bad I can taste it.  I’ve never talked to a Christian who would disagree with the reality that unity is one of the most important … Continue reading

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There You Are!

A couple of weeks ago I was meeting with a group of pastors and I was challenged by a few questions that were posed by the leader of the discussion.    We were talking about character and humility, and he asked … Continue reading

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This Sunday our Philippians journey at LPC takes us into Philippians 2:1-4.  The title of my message is “The U and I in Unity.”  We’ll be diving into the issue of humility, because humility is the main ingredient in a … Continue reading

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The Gas Can of Authority

Do you know who John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton was?  He was an historian and moralist who lived from 1834-1902.  I would venture to say that no one reading this (including myself 45 seconds ago) had any idea about the identity of … Continue reading

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