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The Love of God’s Gospel: Clearing the Fog on Same-Sex

I shouldn’t be writing this today. Statistically, if you are reading this post after reading yesterday’s post and Monday’s post, you are an anomaly. With so much else to click on from your timeline or inbox, this blog has technically … Continue reading

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Homosexuality, The Church, and the Mythical Third Way

The events taking place in American culture this past week have encouraged a number of people to engage (or re-engage) the issue of homosexuality and the church. Some have called this “the issue of our time.” I think that is … Continue reading

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Memo to Young Christians: This Sexuality Debate Means Something

Have you enjoyed your weekend foray into the world of social media? It has been a predictable response, no? There is a major decision made by powerful people in American politics and every timeline near you blows up. I’m not … Continue reading

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Debate on Homosexuality

Just received this letter from the national office of the Assemblies of God, the network of churches we are affiliated with at LifePoint. I thought the content was very good and worth posting here on my blog. Dr. George Wood … Continue reading

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