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The Authority of Scripture: 3 Perspectives

There are many ideas that float around in our culture today about the reliability or accuracy of the Bible. Detractors often point out that since self-proclaimed “Christians” disagree about the meaning of so many different passages, the Bible must be … Continue reading

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Not Feeling It?

The feelings fight is a major front on the journey of faith in Jesus. If we base our faith on our feelings, rather than a more stable force, we will consistently struggle with assurance of salvation, trust in God, and … Continue reading

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The Snake Still Speaks

Some things never change. One thing in particular that hasn’t changed for thousands of years is the character and game plan of Satan. Jesus said that Satan is “the father of lies” and “was a murderer from the beginning, and … Continue reading

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The Sun Sets…But Everything It Touched Is Different

A 17 week journey ends this morning.  On January 8 at LifePoint we began travelling through the book of Philippians.  Our expedition has taken us through all 104 verses of the “Epistle of Joy,” and it ends today with the … Continue reading

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Clearly Enough

Good morning Christian. I wanted to let you know that I ran into our old pal Consumer yesterday. He said he had read my previous blog post about God’s word being “enough.” As you may be able to guess, he … Continue reading

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