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The “Why” of Biblically Defined Marriage

Debates on marriage have become commonplace in our culture. In the last couple of election cycles, it has become apparent that a rising number of Americans are shifting their opinion on this debate. States have seen the term “marriage” re-defined … Continue reading

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The Pleasures of Sin

Holiness is a tricky subject. Prevailing thought would lead us to believe that holiness is what gives us closeness to God, a relationship with God, or salvation from God. It seems kind of obvious to surmise that right behavior before … Continue reading

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Marriage Defined

[This is my first post in a series of blogs I’m working on regarding political involvement, the mission of the church, and the marriage debate currently taking place in our state.] The state I live in (Washington) just became the 9th state … Continue reading

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Explosion at Starbucks

I like to prepare my sermons at Starbucks. I don’t know if it’s the aroma, the accessibility of the entity producing the aroma, the free Wi-Fi, or all three put together.  I enjoy doing sermon prep out of the office.  … Continue reading

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