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The Treasure Principle

I mentor a group of 8 guys each year. The group meets once a month. We memorize Scripture together, read books together, and challenge and sharpen one another. We cover topics (in our reading and memorization) like parenting, casting vision, … Continue reading

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Financial Peace @ LifePoint

It is that time of year again; we’re just over a week away from the kickoff of another round of Financial Peace University at LifePoint. We offer this class at least twice a year, and the results are always staggering. … Continue reading

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Financial Peace @ LifePoint

We have spent the first few weeks of 2014 at LifePoint talking about the subject of money; specifically, how the Bible teaches us to handle our money as Christians. We are taking a number of steps to resource our church … Continue reading

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Financial Wisdom from The Richest (and Wisest) Man Ever

Solomon was a rich man. First Kings 10 details the wisdom and wealth of David’s son. The Queen of Sheba (who was probably fairly well-off herself) came and visited Solomon, and the Bible says “there was no more breath in … Continue reading

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The Value of a Penny

I was cleaning out my garage the other day and as I was sweeping up an assortment of nails, dust particles, grass clippings, and chunks of garbage (in all shapes and sizes), I spied something amidst the debris that had … Continue reading

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End of the Year Giving @ LPC

It’s that time of year again–the end.  For those of you who are regulars at LPC, here is some basic info on year-end giving: Thank you for joining with us as we advance the mission of Jesus in our culture.  … Continue reading

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Financial Peace

“This is ridiculous,” I murmured.  “Only in America could you drive a Jaguar and not have the money to put gas in it.” Thus begins Financial Peace Revisited, the sequel to…(wait for it)…Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey.  Ramsey took his … Continue reading

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Christian and Consumer Talk Giving

By now I’m sure you’ve been acquainted with my friends Christian and Consumer.  As I’ve said before, on the outside it’s often hard to tell them apart.  Even walking into a local church on a Sunday morning; you’ll shake hands … Continue reading

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