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Biblical Eldership

It is now 2016! People tend to think about what really matters to them and establish some goals and new direction at the beginning of a New Year. At LifePoint Church we are doing that as a leadership team. This … Continue reading

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The Bucket List

The concept of a bucket list is pretty well known. It is a list of experiences or achievements that a person seeks to fulfill before they kick the bucket.[1] There was a movie made a few years ago staring Jack … Continue reading

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Thou Shalt Take a Selfie

You do you. Be your own person. Take a selfie. If you have any contact with cool kids these days, you’ll find out that selfies are all the rage. But is the “selfie” really anything new? It’s taking a picture … Continue reading

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Show Me Your Doctrine

Is right doctrine more a matter of what you say you believe or what you show you believe? If you read the book of Titus (and the book of James for that matter), I think you’ll find that right doctrine … Continue reading

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The Infamous MEET AND GREET TIME at a Church Near You

Imagine this super awkward scenario: I’m sitting in a movie theater with my wife, about to take in Spielberg’s most recent thriller. It’s date night, a time we set aside each week to get out of the house and have … Continue reading

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Church People, Take Responsibility

I’m currently studying the book of Philemon, in preparation to preach it over the next 3 weeks at LifePoint. It’s a funny little book, the shortest authored by the Apostle Paul in the Bible. It’s also a great book to … Continue reading

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Pastor, be a Christian First

When I was 21, about to enter my senior year of college, I came home to Oregon for the summer to work construction and save money for my final year. My undergraduate major was biblical studies, with an emphasis in … Continue reading

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Camp Time (By Courtney Huskisson)

It’s Camp Time!! Camp is certainly one of our biggest highlights of the year for youth ministry. Each year we load up two buses with 130+ students and staff, make our way to the beach, and pray for sunshine and … Continue reading

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Why Church Membership Matters (by Sam Cassese)

You can be a member of pretty much anything these days. Costco (the samples had me at ‘hello!’) The local gym (their winning…). Just the other day I received an email invitation to join the Dollar Shave Club and “shave … Continue reading

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“Is That Man In The Third Pew a Christian?” (By Sam Cassese)

I think it’s a safe bet to say we all know people who claim to be Christians and yet the way they live their lives make us scratch our heads and say, “Really?” Have you ever wondered whether or not that man or woman … Continue reading

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