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Cussing Is Not What Damns People To Hell

We had a good, and I hope helpful, dialogue in episode 13 of our weekly To Be The Church Podcast about the issue of cussing/swearing. We discussed the topic in terms of our practical theology as Christians; how our belief … Continue reading

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Every Single Moment Part 3 (By Tyler Clarensau)

EVERY SINGLE MOMENT: Part Three BY TYLER CLARENSAU Previously, I wrote about our constant opportunity to worship as followers of Jesus. I talked about how our gathered times on Sundays are only a fraction of the worship that we are called … Continue reading

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Marriage: Bad News and Good News

I’m performing a wedding ceremony tomorrow for Pastor Sam and Jordann.  I’ve been working through Colossians 3, a great passage on marriage, that I plan to use as my text tomorrow.  I’ve preached this text in wedding ceremonies before, but … Continue reading

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