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3 Reasons to Stop Apologizing for the Crusades

In recent years it has become en vogue for Christians to apologize for the sins of ancient cross-bearers. I run into a lot of younger Christians who enthusiastically pick up this mantle. I think there are at least 3 reasons … Continue reading

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Christians Didn’t Name Themselves (by Brent Kimball)

I am in the book of Acts in my Bible reading. It is a book that always seems fresh to me. To take in the account of the first generation of believers and observe how they lived out the gospel … Continue reading

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Anthem of Grace

Tomorrow we celebrate the 75th anniversary of our church at LifePoint. Since 1938 this congregation has been meeting weekly and working hard to preach the gospel and engage the mission of Jesus in Vancouver and beyond. To help tell the … Continue reading

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October 31: NOT a Non-Holiday for Christians

October 31 is not a non-holiday for Christians.  In fact, this specific day probably holds more significance in the context of church history than any number of explanations for the secular “trick-or-treat” holiday geared toward children.  One of the seminal … Continue reading

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