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“Is That Man In The Third Pew a Christian?” (By Sam Cassese)

I think it’s a safe bet to say we all know people who claim to be Christians and yet the way they live their lives make us scratch our heads and say, “Really?” Have you ever wondered whether or not that man or woman … Continue reading

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Identity Shift: From Outcast to Child of God

First Peter 1:1 calls Christians “elect exiles.” This is a remarkably paradoxical identity. We are “elect” (chosen by God), but we are also “exiles” (strangers and sojourners) in the world. We have been called out of the world to be … Continue reading

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A Family In My Church

Our local church, like many across the world, is made up of a number of people who would define themselves as “normal.” I don’t mean this in a pejorative sense. There is nothing wrong with that description whatsoever—I think most … Continue reading

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In my last post I talked about arrogance as a killer. Arrogance causes casualties in the church on a regular basis by killing commitment, loyalty, relationships, resolve, and faithfulness in people’s lives. So how do we kill the arrogance parasite? … Continue reading

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On Youth Ministry

I served in youth ministry in one form or another for a little over 10 years before becoming a lead pastor. This time included youth and college ministry in a volunteer capacity for around 6 years in 4 different states (while I was in … Continue reading

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‘At-a-Boy’ and ‘You Jerk!’

I had a professor in seminary who used to say, “It takes 100 ‘at-a boy’s’ to cancel out 1 ‘you jerk’.” His point was that criticism seems to stick with us much longer and deeper than encouragement. It is an … Continue reading

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Being a Pastor of a Local Church

This has been a good week of development in LifePoint Church. We have received a ton of feedback on the blogs from the last few days, the majority of which has been very positive and encouraging. The traffic on 2thesource … Continue reading

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