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Confessions of a Theological Nitpicker

Let me confess something very personal to you in this ‘safe’ context known as the internet: I am a Theological Nitpicker. Admittedly, I would love to rewrite the above sentence by adding the word “recovering” right before the term “Theological … Continue reading

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Being a Pastor of a Local Church

This has been a good week of development in LifePoint Church. We have received a ton of feedback on the blogs from the last few days, the majority of which has been very positive and encouraging. The traffic on 2thesource … Continue reading

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For the Christian who Struggles with Sin

I’m just finishing up a really good little book written by Greg Gilbert called What is the Gospel? I’ll probably post a review on it later this week. Toward the end of the book, in a chapter discussing the necessity … Continue reading

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The Church as a Body [Part 1]

The New Testament describes the church as a family, a structure being built by God, a holy temple where God dwells, and God’s field. All of these metaphors identify different aspects of the church’s makeup, but perhaps no metaphor is … Continue reading

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Mentor Like Jesus

I recently finished reading Mentor Like Jesus by Regi Campbell.  It was one of five books that I’m reading over the next 6 months with a group of fellow pastors I’m meeting with each month.  Another book I reviewed a … Continue reading

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