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Praying for the Persecuted

I have been reading of some of the persecution and hardships that Iraq and Syria have faced as a result of ISIS. I recently came across an article on a family living in Iraq whose home, money and all of their … Continue reading

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Calling all Singles: Par for the Course

The concept of par is a pretty simple and familiar concept from the game of Golf: The course designers give each particular hole a level of difficulty. With the par they assign to a hole they are providing an expectation … Continue reading

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Damien Lillard: A Man of the People

A few months ago my bleacher report application alerted me of breaking news with the Portland Trailblazers. I opened up the story with anticipation. Did they acquire an actual desired free agent? Did LaMarcus pull a Deandrey Jordan and decide to come … Continue reading

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3 Reasons to Stop Apologizing for the Crusades

In recent years it has become en vogue for Christians to apologize for the sins of ancient cross-bearers. I run into a lot of younger Christians who enthusiastically pick up this mantle. I think there are at least 3 reasons … Continue reading

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Making God Known

I returned last week from a trip to Sri Lanka and while I was there I visited a Hindu temple. I was intrigued and saddened by the worship of so many gods as the worshippers gave flowers, lit candles, and … Continue reading

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Bad Idea: Having a Baby With a Demon

It is never a good to have a baby with a demon. I am here to argue that it is also never possible. I have 6 basic reasons I don’t think women can (or ever have) procreated with spirit-beings, followed … Continue reading

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4 Reasons To Preach the Old Testament

We preach the Old Testament at LifePoint. We preach it a lot. And we like it. I was asked this question recently: “Why do you preach from the Old Testament so much, aren’t Christians only supposed to learn the New … Continue reading

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