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The majority of blogs, focused on discipleship and Scriptural application in the daily life of a Christian.

The End of an Era

This is the final post in 2thesource history. Please observe a moment of silence before reading further. Five years ago I kicked off 2thesource as a tool for equipping the church at LifePoint. Half a decade, 702 blogs, and nearly … Continue reading

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The Mission of Marriage

Michaelangelo is one of the most well known artists in history. One of his most incredible works is his sculpture of the Bible’s David. When asked how he achieved such a marvelous piece of work, he answered that it was … Continue reading

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Learn the Gospel

  How do we communicate the Gospel in an increasingly pluralistic world where our claims of truth find a very different reception from even a generation ago? Can we be truly effective in our present-day context if we lack a … Continue reading

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Introducing: LifePoint Volleyball

In a few weeks, LPC Sports will be taking it to the next level as we kick off our brand new LifePoint Volleyball League. On Monday nights, each team will put on their gym clothes, dawn the court, and have a blast … Continue reading

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Read the Entire Bible: 6 Benefits

I recently finished Revelation 22, the final chapter of the Bible. Several months ago I started in Genesis 1, and begin plowing straight through. I was a freshman in college the first time I read through the entire Bible in … Continue reading

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Overweight Baggage

We all have strengths and weaknesses in life and I can readily admit that one of my weaknesses is not knowing how to pack light for a trip. Although I have become better over the years, I have found myself … Continue reading

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Take Off the Bubble Wrap

As a new parent, I no longer fear holding a baby, changing diapers, or knowing what he wants. The name of the game right now is simply “Keep him alive.” Check. Now I have new fears. Pretty soon the name … Continue reading

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Praying for the Persecuted

I have been reading of some of the persecution and hardships that Iraq and Syria have faced as a result of ISIS. I recently came across an article on a family living in Iraq whose home, money and all of their … Continue reading

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Calling all Singles: Par for the Course

The concept of par is a pretty simple and familiar concept from the game of Golf: The course designers give each particular hole a level of difficulty. With the par they assign to a hole they are providing an expectation … Continue reading

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Damien Lillard: A Man of the People

A few months ago my bleacher report application alerted me of breaking news with the Portland Trailblazers. I opened up the story with anticipation. Did they acquire an actual desired free agent? Did LaMarcus pull a Deandrey Jordan and decide to come … Continue reading

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