The End of an Era

This is the final post in 2thesource history. Please observe a moment of silence before reading further.

Five years ago I kicked off 2thesource as a tool for equipping the church at LifePoint. Half a decade, 702 blogs, and nearly 100,000 views later the sun is setting on this specific tool. I have been thinking for a couple of weeks about an appropriate send-off for this blog. I can’t think of anything. So I’ve decided to end it like I began it…with a blog post. I’m sure the originality of this memorial is already moving you to tears.

I’m still writing consistently, and will continue to do so. If you follow this blog, you are certainly aware that in recent months I have written less on this forum, as we started to utilize it more through staff and other leaders at LifePoint. Part of that began last summer as I started work on a manuscript called “To Be The Church.” Another part of that is the fact that we have learned to use so many new tools for equipping the church, that my attention has been diverted. At this point it has become clear that 2thesource has served its purpose. At the beginning of 2011 we needed a place to work out being the church, and this blog was by and large just that (for me and hopefully for you) for the last few years.

The new era:

We are currently employing a number of tools to equip the church to be the church. Going forward we are going to employ written, audio, and video mediums to saturate the world with the content we create at LifePoint. The difference is—we’re going to do it all from one place. That place, beginning later this spring, will be If you visit that site now, you will be re-routed to a page on our church website ( which features our weekly podcast show. Over the next few months we will be developing as an independent site, and we’re hoping for a launch sometime after Easter.

The new site will feature written content (blogs, e-books, articles, books), audio content (podcast shows of all varieties, original music from lpcvan music), video content (short teaching, sermon clips, video teaching, video podcasts), and other resources (sermon notes, graphics, chord charts, etc. for resourcing local churches).

For the next few months, our staff will be organizing, editing, creating, and preparing for the launch of the new site. For now, you can visit, lpcvan on facebook or twitter, tobethechurch on facebook and twitter, and my new facebook page to track with the content we’re be producing in the meantime. Be sure to subscribe to our weekly podcast show, which will undoubtedly track our progress, as we get ready for this new venture.

If you are currently a subscriber to this blog, fear not, you will get the initial notification when the new site launches and you’ll be able to stay connected from there.

Good night my friends. Soli Deo Gloria.

About Pastor Andrew

Follower of Jesus, Husband to Carissa, Daddy to four daughters, Lead Pastor at LifePoint Church in Vancouver, WA.
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  1. Bill says:

    Pass the Klenex

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