Damien Lillard: A Man of the People

A few months ago my bleacher report application alerted me of breaking news with the Portland Trailblazers. I opened up the story with anticipation. Did they acquire an actual desired free agent? Did LaMarcus pull a Deandrey Jordan and decide to come back to Rip City? Did Chris Kamen cut his beard? Any of these headlines would have excited me. But to my disappointment the headlines read “Star Point Guard Damien Lillard Flies COACH in a Recent Flight.” What?! I don’t care how Damien gets from point A to point B. Unless he uses a hot air balloon this is of no use to me. Against my better judgment I read the story. I come to find out that the bleacher report acquired this story because Damien posted a picture on twitter of him on the plane with the title that read something like: Riding coach, a man of the people. I’ll be the first to admit, I LOOOOVVVEEE Damien as a player. Although he let me down a bit last season, I still like him. But I did have a few take away’s from this article on what we as Christians can learn from Damien on how we are perceived on social media.

  1. If you have to tell people you’re a man of the people, you’re probably not a man of the people.
    1. This goes with any self proclamation. Most self proclaimed millionaires are either lying or trying to get your money somehow. Jesus was a man of the people. But for 30 years he was unassuming. Even when he started his public ministry he continually was telling people to keep his identity under wraps.
  2. Never make assumptions of someone off their social media footprint.
    1. We all know not to trust social media, right? It’s created to showcase our highlights. If you were to assess my friends from looking at my news feed you would think all of my friends are marathon running, health food eating, mountain hiking, parents of the year.
  3. False humility is just that: False
    1. All throughout the Bible Jesus addresses false humility in people. Especially with the Pharisees. We can easily do this on social media. Whether you’re posting a picture of your “morning devos” that you do once a month, or you are posting pictures of the one time that you rode in coach after your 100 million dollar addidas contract, you’re still guilty.

Hopefully we learned a few lessons from D-Lill. As we post on social media, let’s be aware of how we are portraying ourselves. We are not rockstars. We’re just people.

About Dsaccenti

I am a husband, and soon to be father. I work at Lifepoint church in Vancouver, Wa with the high school and middle school students. Drews@lpcvan.com
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