Grow in Your Faith: Podcasts

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for new ways to grow in your understanding of God, Scripture, and the Christian life. It wasn’t that long ago that in order to broaden your knowledge, you had to drive to a church building or a conference, or open a 1,500 page concordance or a theology book that was actually made of paper.

These days, technology has made this pursuit far more convenient. Every week, there are sermons that were preached in Texas and podcasts that were recorded in Nashville that I can access without ever leaving my living room. Podcasts are a free, easy way to access some of the best teaching out there.

Here are a few podcasts that I’ve found especially helpful:

LifePoint Church Sermons: You may not be aware, but every sermon that is preached here at LPC is available to listen to (or watch) online within an hour of the end of the gathering. If you’re out of town or just out of our auditorium on a Sunday morning, this is a great way to stay caught up.

The Village Church Sermons: Matt Chandler is one of my favorite authors. His book, The Explicit Gospel, shaped how I view my faith. He pastors The Village, which is located in the Dallas metro area.

A Jesus Church Sermons (Westside) and (Bridgetown): A family of churches just over the bridge in Portland, AJC preaches expositional sermons that are very in tune with the culture of the Pacific Northwest.

The Gospel Coalition: Founded by Tim Keller and Don Carson, TGC is an amazing resource for the Church and the Christian. This podcast, which they release multiple times a week, is a great resource as well.

To Be The Church Podcast: I wasn’t going to post this blog about podcasts without self-promoting our podcast, To Be The Church. Each week, we focus on what it looks like to be the church together, covering different “ologies” and topics relating to the Church.

So grab your smartphone, put in your earbuds, and learn.

About tylerclarensau

Tyler is the Music/Arts Pastor of LPCVAN, a writer and songwriter, and a loyal 'til death fan of the Kansas City Royals. He spends his days exploring the Northwest with his wife Katie and his daughters, Molly Jayne and Lennon Mae.
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