When Something Goes Bump in the Night: Send Your Wife

bump in the night

Last year the infamous “bump in the night” arrived at the Saccenti home. It was 1am and my wife woke me up from a deep slumber. Side note, I sleep through everything. In college I slept through a midnight fire drill, I’m not kidding. Firemen woke me up. Anyway, Kristie shook me awake to defend our home from the hardened criminal that couldn’t pass up the opportunity to break into our 700sqft home: and get their claws on our 200 dollar 32 inch TV. Naturally I grabbed the biggest knife in my kitchen and began looking around every corner like I was on an episode of criminal minds, minus the glock 19 in my hand. As I walked up to our front door, I saw our 20 pound labradoodle standing there. False alarm! I tell you that story to bring up an important point. If I sent my wife out while I stayed in bed, phone clinched, there is not a reasonable person alive that would be ok with that. Whether we like it or not, there are God given differences between men and women.

Gender distinctions exist. Does that mean that my wife is any less than me? Heck no! We are different yet equal. There are a million practical examples that I could use to prove this. If Ray Rice hit a dude in that elevator last year, I guarantee you that it would barely make the 2am radio news. But since it was a woman, there was a public outcry. And rightfully so.

So just on a strictly practical level can we all agree that gender distinctions exist? Men and women are not made the same, but we are made equal. As the definition of marriage disappears in our culture, naturally the distinction between male and female disappears as well. So let’s use our God given logic and at least agree that when something goes bump in the night, no self respecting man is going to send his wife.

About Dsaccenti

I am a husband, and soon to be father. I work at Lifepoint church in Vancouver, Wa with the high school and middle school students. Drews@lpcvan.com
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3 Responses to When Something Goes Bump in the Night: Send Your Wife

  1. hogwild7000 says:

    We are “Warriors” “Hunter-Gatherers” and the glock helps! Right on big “D”!

  2. vanessaruff402 says:

    You’re hysterical. Point heard 🙂

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