Leaders Need Friends

Friendships are directly connected to our quality of life. If we have good healthy friendships our quality of life is greatly improved than if we don’t. Because of this, friendships are intensely important to the Lord our God.

1 Samuel records an amazing friendship between Jonathan, the eldest son of Israel’s first king and David, Israel’s second king. Jonathan and David had similar interests and passions. Both were adventuresome. Both were skilled and daring warriors. Jonathan bravely conquered the Philistines while vastly outnumbered (1 Sam. 14). David took on Goliath, lopped off his head, and handed it to King Saul (1 Sam. 17). Jonathan was the friend that we all want to be. He bonded with David (1 Sam. 18:1a). He loved David (1 Sam. 18:1b-2). He accepted David (1 Sam. 18:3-4). Though Jonathan was the heir apparent David was the heir appointed and Jonathan accepted this. He protected David (1 Sam. 19:1-2). He strengthened David when he needed it; assuring him of God’s protection, reminding him of who he was, and reassuring him of his support (1 Sam. 23:15-18). Jonathan’s name means “whom God gave.” He was a gift from God to David.

Some have said that leadership is lonely. My response to that is, “Sure, if you let it be.” Life could have been lonely for Jonathan and it could have been lonely for David, but it wasn’t because they were friends. The truth is that if you are for someone what Jonathan was for David, you will have a friend. And if you are for someone what David was for Jonathan, you will have a friend. So, be a friend and the quality of your life will greatly improve.

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6 Responses to Leaders Need Friends

  1. hogwild7000 says:

    Pastor Brent,
    Well said. We are in a life and death battle and we are warriors fighting together against the devil! The bond of friendship is forged in the blood of the Lamb and our testimony.
    If you want a friend you must be one. Hallelujah! Praise God forevermore!

  2. asenath41 says:

    To have friends, one must first become a friend
    Works for me.

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