Rooted Summer Camp

Camp is a specRooted-Fullial time in every student ministry. It’s been said that camp is where 6-months worth of youth ministry is done in 4 days. Meaning, the amount of relationships formed, the conversations had, the trust earned, and the progress made that weekend will equal that of the 6-months leading up to it.

Every year at camp, God reveals Himself to students, increases their understanding of the gospel, and leads them to be  more committed followers Jesus. This year we are expecting no less for Summer Camp 2015: Rooted.

The culture students live in today is very spiritual. However the word spirituality means many different things to many different people. Many students claim belief in a “higher power”, some abide by the principle of Karma, and still others preach a gospel of “positive energy” – if this surprises you, you’re out of touch! There is a syncretic hodgepodge of beliefs that fill the middle schools and high school, and students are left to navigate through the mess in order to answer, “What do I believe?”

This is exactly how it was in Colossae. The metro area of Colossae was a melting pot of culture, and the Christians who lived there were confronted with numerous belief systems. Rather than pick and choose, they simply combined them! The result was a hybrid of doctrine. They needed help distinguishing between true spirituality and false spirituality, and so Pastor Paul wrote the letter of Colossians. Over the 4 nights of camp, Camp speaker Matt Rensi (Multnomah University) will explain, apply, and illustrate chapter two of Colossians. We’ll learn that while other spiritual teachings “have indeed an appearance of wisdom,” Jesus Christ is supreme!

Take some time to read and reflect on Colossians 2 this week. And as you do, pray that Citizens youth will learn that authentic spirituality is “rooted” in Jesus Christ.


About Sam Cassese

Follower of Jesus, husband of the beautiful Jordann Destiny, father of Micah, Pastor at the wonderful community of LifePoint, and die hard fan of the Philadelphia Eagles & the New York Mets.
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