LPCVAN MUSIC: Five Records To Tell Your Friends About

I love music. I love writing it, I love listening to it, and I love discovering it. As a Music Pastor, much of my week is spent sitting between two speakers and letting a song hit my face in stereo.

Here at LifePoint, much of the music we do comes from artists who are off the beaten path. After a Sunday morning gathering, I’m often asked “where can I find that song?” I usually point people to our SPOTIFY PLAYLIST, where I put all the songs we do on Sundays. But today, I want to give you five records to check out that will expand your iTunes library beyond what you’ll find on the radio.

King’s Kaleidoscope: Becoming Who We Are
FUN FACT: This 10 member band (yes, TEN) contains two drummers, a trombone, a flute, and an accordion.
LISTEN TO IT: on a sunny day with the windows down.

Josh Garrels: Home
FUN FACT: Josh, who hails from right here in Portland, has made this record free at noisetrade.com/joshgarrels.
LISTEN TO IT: in your earbuds as you trek through the trails of Forest Park.

Pacific Gold: Sing My Welcome Home
FUN FACT: This entire record is comprised of hymns that the band had never heard before they recreated the music and melodies.
LISTEN TO IT: alongside their podcast (also titled Sing My Welcome Home), where they break down the writing and recording of each song on the record.

Dustin Kensrue: The Water & The Blood
FUN FACT: Dustin, who was recently a Music Pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, is also the singer of the rock band Thrice.
LISTEN TO IT: on your commute to work, preferably right after you listen to a John Piper sermon.

A Jesus Church: Carry Your Name
FAVORITE TRACK: All Your People Sing
FUN FACT: A Jesus Church is located just over the bridge in Portland and is one of the founding churches of SEVEN, a prayer gathering that LifePoint participates in every autumn.
LISTEN TO IT: as the soundtrack to your every day life. (Yes, it’s really that good.)

I could go on for hours, but that’ll keep you busy for now. What are you listening to these days?

About tylerclarensau

Tyler is the Music/Arts Pastor of LPCVAN, a writer and songwriter, and a loyal 'til death fan of the Kansas City Royals. He spends his days exploring the Northwest with his wife Katie and his daughters, Molly Jayne and Lennon Mae.
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8 Responses to LPCVAN MUSIC: Five Records To Tell Your Friends About

  1. Brent Kimball says:

    Thanks for these recommendations Tyler. Your style broadens my horizons.

  2. Angela Howard says:

    Thanks Tyler! I appreciate the suggestions. I’ll be sharing these with Ben and Emily too 😃

  3. Drew Gallant says:

    So are these all christian/worship?

  4. Bo Lane says:

    Those are all great suggestions. I specifically love Dustin Kensrue’s album. The entire album is fantastic.

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