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Loving Jesus In the Most Godless City in America

The Wall Street Journal released an article today on the “most godless city in America,” and we got it. The Portland Metro area, over 2.3 million strong, which includes the county that LifePoint Church calls home, is at the top … Continue reading

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Middle School Camp Report: Hope and Burden (by Drew Saccenti)

One of my college professors gave me the best advice on youth ministry I have ever received. He told me “anytime you have a cabin full of middle schoolers make sure you bring a 20 pack of deodorant, it will … Continue reading

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“You Mad Bro?”

As we were growing up as kids, there were plenty of experiences that we had to wait to encounter.  Whether it was walking, talking, crossing the street on our own, growth spurts, WHATEVER! – at any given stage or age … Continue reading

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Learning From Affliction (by Brent Kimball)

We are preaching through 1 Thessalonians at LifePoint Church. It is a great book study and I believe the entire church family is being enriched by it. Recently the text was the 3rd chapter. At the same time that we … Continue reading

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