From Doing Church to Being The Church

We had a great day on Sunday at LifePoint. We kicked a new series called To Be The Church, where we’re focusing on the shift that occurs (as we follow Jesus) from “doing church” or “talking church” to “being the church.” We began the series in Acts 2:42-47 where we learned that we have to come together to be the church. Our response was focused on the challenge to cross the bridge from passive consumption to active engagement as a part of the local church. One of the major goals was for each person that calls LPC home to move from affiliating or attending LifePoint to serving as LifePoint Church. At the close of both gatherings, we had our pastors, ministry team leaders, and over 1,000 cupcakes situated strategically in the lobby (the cupcakes were in the center), and we had a little family chaos as people milled around, connected, and jumped on board.

It was a really awesome day. We had 136 people respond, many of them for the first time, by signing up to serve as LifePoint Church. In the coming weeks people will be trained, equipped, and connected to opportunities to serve as the church, using their gifts and passions to engage the mission.

This weekend we’re focusing on our role as a local church in the city God has placed us in. Our text is Jeremiah 29:1-10, and we’re going to examine The People of God in the City of Men. I’m hoping to answer the question, “What difference does it make for Clark County and the Portland Metro Area that LifePoint Church exists?” We have four of our leading local community ministries that will have a presence in the lobby, as people will be able to network and engage with some of the diverse ways we work for justice in our city.

The final weekend of To Be The Church is November 30th. We’ll be looking at the global mission of the church, and God’s heart for the world. Psalm 96 is our text for that day, and our lobby will be organized around the themes know, give, pray, go relating to our involvement in global missions. We’ll be rolling out some exciting news about 2015 missions trips, and providing info on the 50+ missionaries we support monthly around the world.

On December 7th, we’ll be receiving a To Be The Church offering, where we’re looking to raise dollars and commitments for our 2015 local/global missions initiatives (including the ministries and missionaries we support each month). We’re asking everyone who calls LifePoint home to pray about giving one time on December 7, or making a monthly commitment to give throughout 2015. Every dollar given toward To Be The Church will be given away by LifePoint to further the mission of Jesus locally and globally. Our goal is $75,000 ($6250 a month). Pray with us about this, and if you’d like to give now toward To Be The Church, you can access our secure online giving page here.

About Pastor Andrew

Follower of Jesus, Husband to Carissa, Daddy to four daughters, Lead Pastor at LifePoint Church in Vancouver, WA.
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