Rise and Fall

RiseFallTomorrow @ LPC we kick off our fall series in Genesis, Rise and Fall. Our text tomorrow morning is Genesis 1:1.

Genesis is a book of origins. In the first 4 chapters, our focal point for Rise and Fall, we will encounter the creation of the universe, the origin of plant and animal life, the creation of humanity in God’s image, and the beginning of everything from work to marriage to sex to sin to culture. Numerous scholars have referred to the initial chapters of the Bible’s first book as the most important worldview-developing portion of the Scriptures. Within these pages we meet the eternal, sovereign, Creator God, and we get a glimpse into the purpose and design of all which he has created.

As we preach the text of Genesis 1:1-4:26 we are going to fight to stay focused on precisely that–the text. Questions abound concerning the subjects covered in these opening chapters, and how the Biblical account parallels things like modern science, historical records, and other ancient sources. I’m not going to intentionally neglect this periphery in my preaching of these texts, but I am going to work to remain faithful to the task at hand, which is the exposition of Genesis 1:1-4:26. For the most part, I will work to devote at least a blog or two a week on this site that addresses some of these extra-biblical issues like the debate over the historical Adam, creation vs. evolution, the geological and genetic findings of modern science and how they square with the Bible’s account, and in-house issues like “literal 24-hour days vs. day-age theories,” etc. I have done a good deal of research on these Genesis debates leading up to this series, and I will continue to do so as Rise and Fall plays out in real time @ LPC. It is my hope that we can learn what the text means in light of Jesus and the gospel, and the purpose for which the original author intended it.

You won’t want to miss the kickoff of Rise and Fall this Sunday @ 9:30 and 11am. If you can’t join us live, make sure to download the free LPC APP, subscribe to the podcast, or check the website media/training page to track with this series.

About Pastor Andrew

Follower of Jesus, Husband to Carissa, Daddy to four daughters, Lead Pastor at LifePoint Church in Vancouver, WA.
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