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Christians Didn’t Name Themselves (by Brent Kimball)

I am in the book of Acts in my Bible reading. It is a book that always seems fresh to me. To take in the account of the first generation of believers and observe how they lived out the gospel … Continue reading

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Camp Time (By Courtney Huskisson)

It’s Camp Time!! Camp is certainly one of our biggest highlights of the year for youth ministry. Each year we load up two buses with 130+ students and staff, make our way to the beach, and pray for sunshine and … Continue reading

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Why Church Membership Matters (by Sam Cassese)

You can be a member of pretty much anything these days. Costco (the samples had me at ‘hello!’) The local gym (their winning…). Just the other day I received an email invitation to join the Dollar Shave Club and “shave … Continue reading

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For You Know That We Who Preach…

“First Peter ends next week right?” “Yeah.” “What are you going to preach next?” “I’m thinking 1 Thessalonians…maybe.” “How did you decide on that?” This was part of a conversation I had with my Dad this last Sunday. I’m not … Continue reading

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New Life Stories (Round 2)

Here are the rest of the stories of new life we witnessed this last weekend @ LifePoint.

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New Life Stories @ LifePoint

Here is the first round of some of the stories from this last weekend. These are a few of the 15 people who went public with their faith in Jesus through baptism. They joined others, totaling 40 baptisms in the … Continue reading

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Signing Off: Letter to an Exile

This coming Sunday will be our 20th (consecutive) and final Sunday in the book of First Peter. The Letter to an Exile is finally concluding at LifePoint. I have really enjoyed this letter. Here is a summary of the “big … Continue reading

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When Work and Family Collide

Every “yes” in our lives is accompanied by several “no’s,” whether we recognize it or not. When you or I say ‘yes’ to something, we are automatically saying ‘no’ to something else. The question is: Am I saying ‘yes’ to … Continue reading

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“Is That Man In The Third Pew a Christian?” (By Sam Cassese)

I think it’s a safe bet to say we all know people who claim to be Christians and yet the way they live their lives make us scratch our heads and say, “Really?” Have you ever wondered whether or not that man or woman … Continue reading

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