The Reason for Sports

the reason for sportsTed Kluck, co-author of Why We Love The Church, has written an insightful volume for Christians who love sports. The Reason for Sports unfolds as a dozen different articles on a random assortment of “sports meets theology” type issues. A former semi-pro football player, sports writer, boxing fan, and accomplished author, Kluck works out his faith as it relates to his love for sports, taking the reader along with him.

His main goal in the text is to formulate a biblical theology for sports lovers. He tackles a number of very intriguing issues, including honesty in sports, sports apologies, pride and humility in sports, sports and film, sports and sexuality, and sports’ contribution to racial relations. He references everyone from Tom Brady to Nick Saban to Mike Tyson in this extremely entertaining and discerning book.

Here is a little excerpt from the introduction:

“To many, the term Christian athlete means kneeling in the end zone for a self-congratulatory show of prayer, or a finger raised to the sky after tossing a touchdown pass. To others, it means that God is like a lucky pair of socks or a nutritional supplement, invoked at the right time in order to make one bigger, faster, or stronger in the moment of competition.

So what do we do with sports? What do we do with the scandals, the outsized personalities, the glamour, and the worldliness? Typically, evangelicals pull back. It’s what we do. When we get skittish about a movie, we stop watching them, or we make our own (usually with dreadful results). When we get nervous about public schools, sometimes we pull out. When we get convicted about music, we might burn our CD collections or sell our secular music to friends.

Sports are a huge part of the lives of American men…How do we worship God with this part of our lives? How do sports help us grow in sanctification? How do we think theologically about the myriad of moral dilemmas in sports? My hope is that Christians can begin to develop a theology of sports.”

I thoroughly enjoyed The Reason for Sports. If you love sports and you love Jesus, this book will help you.

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