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Grace Receiver

I love the gospel of John. It has a different character than the other gospels. It approaches the mission of revealing Jesus from a distinctive angle when compared with its counterparts. It was written a couple decades after Matthew, Mark … Continue reading

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SEVEN Begins Tonight

Today marks the beginning of “Seven,” a week-long emphasis of prayer and fasting for the churches of the Portland/Vancouver area. Hundreds of churches are uniting for this initiative, as we ask God to move in our region. Over the next 6 nights … Continue reading

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Trusting God in our Weakness

I came upon this poem today in my research on Mark 14. Until I learned to trust, I never learned to pray; And I did not learn to fully trust Till sorrows came my way. Until I felt my weakness, … Continue reading

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Being a Pastor of a Local Church

This has been a good week of development in LifePoint Church. We have received a ton of feedback on the blogs from the last few days, the majority of which has been very positive and encouraging. The traffic on 2thesource … Continue reading

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The Birth of Communion: The King’s Banquet

For about the last 5 months we have celebrated communion every single Sunday in response to the preaching of the God’s word. We are really enjoying recapturing the radical beauty of the family meal that Christians all over the world … Continue reading

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Pentecostals: It’s Time to Leave Corinth

In following up on my post from yesterday, I’ve been thinking, praying, and dialoguing about issues regarding our understanding of the Holy Spirit and how he works in the church. In 21st century Pentecostalism, I think the majority of people … Continue reading

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The Death of the Faithful

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. Psalm 116:15 A man that my wife called “Grandpa Al” died early this morning, at the age of 92. He faithfully served Jesus for almost a century … Continue reading

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