What is the church?

We have just launched a new website at LifePoint. One of our major goals with this site is to serve as a resource for the local church. There are a number of ways we are working to accomplish this goal. One of those ways is to provide a link to “Gospel-centered resources” [GCR’s]. We create a ton of content on a weekly basis through our sermons, leadership teachings, training podcast scripts, blogs, articles, etc. What we are working on right now is organizing and formatting that content into articles and documents that we can share through our website. Week to week we should be posting new content on the GCR page, as the editing and formatting process continues.

This week we will be posting a long article called “What is the church?” This is content I put together about 2 years ago for a 6-week series we did on Wednesday nights called “Talkin’ Church.” I’ve updated and expanded it, and I will be posting parts of it on 2thesource this week in the form of six different blogs on the subject of ecclesiology.

The Greek word “ekklesia” appears 107 times in the New Testament. In different contexts it is translated as “The Church,” “a church,” “assembly,” or “congregation.” The Old Testament Hebrew equivalent is the word “qahal.” Qahal appears 133 times in the OT in different forms, translated “a community, an assembly, a company of people or nations, or a congregation.”

When we use the term “ecclesiology,” we are referring to the “study of the church.” Theological Charles Hodge said this: “Ecclesiology is the idea, or nature of the Church; its attributes; its prerogatives; its organization.”

This week we will post 6 blogs, Monday through Saturday, on ecclesiology. The content of the blogs will be framed around six different New Testament metaphors that are used to describe the church’s identity.

The layout of each identifying metaphor will be as such:

1) The biblical texts that reference the metaphor.
2) The Greek word used, and the definition of it.
3) Application points for the local church taken from the biblical texts.

Here are the metaphors we’ll cover this week:

1) A Family/Members of a Household
2) A Building/Structure
3) A Holy Temple
4) A Field
5) A Bride
6) A Body


About Pastor Andrew

Follower of Jesus, Husband to Carissa, Daddy to four daughters, Lead Pastor at LifePoint Church in Vancouver, WA.
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