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Worship by the Book

Do you ever think about the things that we do as we gather as a church on a week to week basis? Why do we sing the songs we do? Why do we order the gathering in a certain way? … Continue reading

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Jesus Stopped

I started work on Mark 10:46-52 early this morning, preparing to preach the 10th and final week of Jesus Uncensored this Sunday at LifePoint. It is turning out to be one of my favorite texts in the entire gospel of … Continue reading

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Kimball Family Joining LifePoint Team

For a number of months we have been in prayer as Elders concerning a new role on our pastoral staff. It’s a role that we’ve seen eventually developing for a couple of years now, but the spike in our growth … Continue reading

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Three Kinds of Men (C.S. Lewis)

I was watching a Timothy Keller video on gospel and religion the other day and he mentioned a short essay by C.S. Lewis that has been very influential in his evangelistic approach. The essay talks about three types of men (humans), and Keller mentioned … Continue reading

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Peru Missions Trip

We have 6 people from LPC heading to Peru this week with Teen Mania’s Global Expeditions, led by our Children’s Pastor, Vanessa Ruff. The trip has a Facebook page that will feature updates, pictures, etc. Here is the link:— … Continue reading

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Servant Songs of Isaiah

This week’s text at LPC is Mark 10:32-34. As I began studying today I was planning on going all the way through Mark 10:45, but there is just far too much content in vv. 32-34, so we’re going to stop … Continue reading

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The Jesus Storybook Bible

“I had always felt life first as a story: and if there is a story there is a story-teller.” G.K. Chesterton A friend at Life Group last night reminded me that I hadn’t yet blogged on the book that I … Continue reading

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Rend Collective Experiment

We’re starting to play some music from this band on Sundays. I love the concepts and style of this video. Tomorrow at LifePoint we’re going to have an acoustic experience musically. We won’t be on a beach…but maybe someday.

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This Sunday @ LifePoint

I am pumped for this Sunday at LifePoint. I have been out of the pulpit for a couple of weeks, and I’ve really missed preaching through Mark’s Gospel. Pastor Wayne did an excellent job last week breaking down Mark 10:13-16. … Continue reading

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One of my favorite blogs on leadership is written by a guy named Jamie Munson: A few weeks back he posted a couple of blogs on stunting vs. cultivating growth. He put forward some really valuable insights. Here are … Continue reading

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