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Do People Care About the Bible?

I pulled this graphic from Marc Cortez’s blog “Everyday Theology” (link on the right of this page if you want to read more from Marc). I think these graphics clearly illustrate that our culture isn’t wondering whether or not the … Continue reading

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A Blind Man on Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is a day when we remember the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem, which began what we know as “The Passion Week” or “Holy Week.” At the end of that week he would be betrayed, falsely accused, and crucified. … Continue reading

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Introducing Wayne and Jenny Sommers

For almost a year I’ve been praying along with the other Elders at LifePoint about a new role we saw developing on our pastoral staff. We have recently entered a season of amazing growth, and we are excited to announce … Continue reading

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This Pretty Much Sums It Up

This short clip serves as a great example of how a church culture develops as the gospel takes root. It correlates well with the central idea of our text this morning from Mark 8:1-21. That central idea is “We can’t see Jesus clearly until we … Continue reading

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Ohio Senator Gets it Wrong

A Senator published an article today in which he used the Bible to arrive at an unbiblical conclusion. What I am referencing in this post is the recent editorial article written by Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) on the issue of … Continue reading

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In Focus

Twenty-three weeks into Mark’s Gospel we have seen a couple of consistent themes develop. 1) When people witnessed Jesus’ words and deeds they marveled in astonishment and amazement. 2) The major question (asked 7 times through 7 chapters) is “Who … Continue reading

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Hunting Eggs @ LPC 2013

We have an awesome opportunity to serve our community later this month at our annual Easter Egg Hunt. It’s not only a great event to attend, but also a wonderful place to serve. Email for more info. Here are some highlights … Continue reading

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