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When Traditions Grow Teeth

Traditions can be meaningful and deep and significant, unifying us with a beloved history, a family tree, or the soil of a community whose roots have grown strong for generations. But traditions can also grow teeth. Traditions that grow teeth … Continue reading

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Pastor Looking to Avoid Clichés

I’m working really hard to avoid utilizing one of the most over-used preaching clichés of all time this Sunday.  My text is Mark 7:1-23, and the cliché I’m trying to avoid using as my central idea is “The heart of … Continue reading

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Incarnation in a Nutshell

This verse is just one of 23 verses that we’ll study this week at LifePoint from our passage Mark 6:30-52. Mark 6:48: And he saw that they were making headway painfully, for the wind was against them. And about the … Continue reading

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Youth Camp Recap

Here it is:

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Youth Camp Recap

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Revelation to the Original Reader

Assignment: Reflections and Impressions of Revelation Written from the Perspective of an Original Recipient As an original recipient of the letter of Revelation, the words of this book overwhelm me.  These words have been addressed to me and my church … Continue reading

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Thursday Night Roots

Coming soon to LifePoint:

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According to Plan

Did you know that the Bible isn’t a random assortment of 66 loosely connected books squashed together over a couple thousand years?  There is a unity to it, and distinct threads that connect it as the revelation of God’s grand … Continue reading

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Back to School: Revelation

I went back to school a couple of weeks ago as I began a degree at Western Seminary.  I am taking it slow, one class at a time, and the flexibility and emphasis of the degree program makes it a … Continue reading

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