Men, Women, and War

I found this article yesterday that I thought was spot-on in regards to the subject of men and women and their roles in combat.  What do you think?

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5 Responses to Men, Women, and War

  1. Mendi Yoshikawa says:

    I agree with this. I definitely think the military is bending under the pressure to be viewed as politically correct but it’s still hard for me to wrap my mind around the concept that there were actually women fighting for their right to go into combat. No part of me can relate to their desire to be included as an “equal” in this way, especially after catching small snippets of my husband’s favorite WWII combat movies and getting a small peek into all that war entails on the front lines.

  2. Heather says:

    I haven’t read too much about it to know how many women are fighting for the right to go into combat. Many military women fought for the right to gain access to serving on ships, and now submarines, claiming that they couldn’t advance if they weren’t offered the same opportunities.

    I was at the Naval Academy when Congress lifted the Combat Exclusion Law for women in 1993. I was personally stunned, and so were many of my female classmates. We had joined the military with an understanding that we would NOT be required to serve aboard combatant ships and that we would take on what were called “fleet support” roles. We had developed our ideas of where we would serve during 3.5 years of schooling, and then overnight we were told that our plans had changed and we would now be “able”… read “required”… to serve on combatants. We were not really given a choice. As soon as women were allowed to serve on combatants there were quotas to fill and whether we wanted to or not, we were made to go.

    The same will happen with the door being opened to women to enter into ground combat. There will be quotas. It won’t be a matter of letting those who WANT to fight sign up (and I seriously doubt there would be many), it will be a matter of filling quotas, to be sure that there are so many women assigned to each combat unit. I can just about guarantee that standards will be lowered because of it, too. Most women simply do not have the physical strength to do what those men are required to do. What they can’t carry, the men will have to carry for them.

    Women and men serving together in close quarters on ships, in combat units, etc., has created so many problems on the social level, and yet those who champion this “forward progress” in Congress will ever admit it. They don’t want to acknowledge that the incidents of rape have increased, that out of wedlock pregnancies among service women is a huge problem and that adultery is so common that if all cases were prosecuted our forces would be cut in half just about overnight. It is a sad commentary, and we are just adding another depressing page. I will say, too, that trying to walk after Jesus in such an environment is more difficult there than just about anywhere else in American society. The light of the gospel is very hard to be seen by the men and women serving. We like to think of our soldiers and sailors as brave, committed, and faithful (which so many are) and often times we assume a faith in God that simply isn’t there. Patriotism does not equate to faith and trust in God. Love of country does not equate with Love of God.

    My heart is heavy when I think of the things that our servicemen go through, the pressures they are under, and the Godless environment most of them serve in. Please pray for them, perhaps with more insight than you’ve had before. Their struggles are many.

  3. Heather says:

    You know, thinking about what I wrote, it was wrong of me to suggest that half of the members of the military engage in adultery. I was trying to make the point that far more men and women (especially those who are not yet married) are crossing the line in that regard than most people care to acknowledge. A friend of mine, a single girl in the Army was recently sent to Afghanistan for a year… one of 12 women on an outpost with 1000 men. Not good. Not good at all. If you can imagine what happened in that situation, you are probably correct. She went thinking she was a Christian, had the convictions, the will to do the right thing, etc., but it didn’t take long for what little she had to be taken away. She says it was the darkest year of her life. Women do not belong there, in my opinion, and hers.

  4. Mendi Yoshikawa says:

    Well said Heather. I didn’t even think about how women who didn’t want to fight would now be forced to do so to fill a quota. I too was thinking of all the “other” issues that women face in the miltary that I feared would be worse in ground combat. It really is an all around bad policy.

  5. Nannette Myers says:

    Pastor Andrew,
    I think this article brings out God’s Design for men and women in relationship to combat. I believe God did design us to be treated as equal and that society in general has distorted it one way or the other. I feel for women in the military and would not want to be one that did not desire to be on the front lines that will now give their lives unwillingly. We need to get back to what God’s design for men and women is. Women should be treated with love and cherished as Jesus charishes the church. Men need to lead as God designed them to lead not power over, but with the wisdom of Jesus Christ need to be respected.

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