Surge Prayer: Wednesday – You Are My Source

“Give us this day our daily bread…” 

Heavenly Father, please provide for me today.  Please give me enough food and finances to make it through the day.  These needs are very real, which is why I come to you!  I don’t say, “If you can,” or “if you will.”  My coming to you reveals my confidence that you are the provider who is capable of providing my every need.  You are my compassionate God who is concerned with my wellbeing. You are my source.

Lord please provide for me, but not too much! Please do not give me so much that I come to the point that I forget my daily dependence on you and forget that it is you who provides for me.  (Proverbs 30:9) You know how much I can handle; please help me stay dependent on you.  I don’t want to ever put my trust in my wealth and riches.  You are my source. 

Help me to never become blind to your blessing.  May I be aware that every meal, every dollar, every blessing is indeed from you.  You are the giver of every good gift. Please help me to keep an attitude of thankfulness.

And when I have an abundance of blessings, help me to follow your example of blessing others.  As you have blessed me, may I do the same to others. You are my source. 

And Lord my prayer is plural.  I pray give us our daily bread.  I pray not only for myself, but for those who do not have. For those who are also in need, many of whom have greater needs than me! Lord please give them provision.  God even use me to do so!

  • Thank God today for his provision.  Practice acknowledging him as the source of every blessing and thank Him!
  • Pray for every need you have.  Put your faith in Him as the provider who is genuinely concerned with us.
  • Thank Him for the means He uses to bring His blessings.
  • Ask Him to show you where you can follow His example and be a blessing to others.

About Sam Cassese

Follower of Jesus, husband of the beautiful Jordann Destiny, father of Micah, Pastor at the wonderful community of LifePoint, and die hard fan of the Philadelphia Eagles & the New York Mets.
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