What More Do You Need?

I’m not sure why it never ceases to amaze me. You would think “experience” would lead to “ordinary,” yet every single time I read the Bible and it cuts through my soul with a word from God, I am floored. I’m not saying I have this experience every single day that I read the Bible, yet through the discipline of daily study of God’s word (some days more time than others), I find that God consistently discerns the thoughts and intentions of my heart and speaks directly to them from His word. It’s an awesome experience when you’re confused or discouraged or hurt or searching and you read a passage, story, Psalm, chapter, verse or word that cuts deep.

That happened to me this morning, actually just moments ago, as I was reading in the Psalms. The specific circumstances that were weighing upon me aren’t the subject of this blog (I’ll leave that between me and God), but the sufficiency of God’s word is what stands out.

God’s word is sufficient.

When I say “sufficient” I mean “enough.” God’s word is enough for me. What more do I need?

I think that as Christians we have a dangerous tendency to fall prey to an idea that there is disunity in God. This is likely the case because there is disunity in us. I’m not simply talking about a group of Christians or a specific church, we can all admit that we have experienced disunity in various ways in regard to these things. I think the disunity that develops in our communities or with other Christians is a result of disunity within our individual souls. We are broken. Even when God saves us by His grace, we still fight the flesh, we are still fallible, and that fragmentation within our lives breaks our unity with God and with others.

But God is not like that. There is no disunity in God. Even as I typed the above sentence about God’s word being enough, a voice in my head asked a series of questions.

“What about God’s love?”
“What about God’s Spirit?”
“What about God’s blessings?”
“What about God’s peace?”
“What about God’s Son?”

Let’s examine God’s Spirit in this regard. Are God’s word and God’s Spirit mutually exclusive? Is God’s word one thing and His Spirit another? If I say “God’s word is enough for me,” am I saying “and I don’t need His Spirit?” There is no disunity in God. What is God’s Spirit if I do not have God’s word? God’s word teaches my soul how to spell “Holy Spirit.” God’s word convinces, rebukes, exhorts, and corrects me in regard to the identity of His Spirit. His Spirit reveals His word to me. They work in complete unity together. Yet I say “God’s word is sufficient,” because what we have in Scripture is our guide to understanding and knowing everything we need to know about God.

But could God’s Spirit reveal to us something else that we need to know about God? Hear this: NOT if it doesn’t line up with God’s word. If a “spirit” is revealing something to you about “God” that does not line up with God’s word, you need to check that spirit (1 John 4).

As Christians I believe we need to be very careful about re-forming God into an image that looks like us. We cannot project onto Him the disunity that we feel in our own selves. His word is enough. His word is sufficient. His word is everything you need.

Let me leave with you this question, a question I’m asking myself this morning:

What more do you need than God’s word?

About Pastor Andrew

Follower of Jesus, Husband to Carissa, Daddy to four daughters, Lead Pastor at LifePoint Church in Vancouver, WA.
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3 Responses to What More Do You Need?

  1. Amen Pastor! I know that the only way I could stand up to persecution and be strong in unpopular social issues is to hang on to the Word. It is easy to lose sight of the Power of the Holy Ghost when you don’t have the Word. The Holy Spirit have been stirring in me to read more and absorb…. Indeed HE is moving…

  2. Bernice says:

    God’s word is not to justify your feelings on a matter. amen

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