The Proposal

We’re in the middle of Redeeming Ruth at LifePoint Church.  The drama of this powerful short story heats up this weekend with The Proposal in Ruth chapter 3. 

On Mothers Day we began our four week journey through Ruth, as we were introduced to Naomi and Ruth and the bitter providence they were facing.  Last week in Under Redeemers Wings, the leading man emerged, the honorable Boaz, a man of remarkable grace and character.  The twists in the plot surrounding their relationship with Boaz represented a break in the clouds for Naomi and Ruth, as they began to experience restored hope and renewed blessing.  Not too many sparks flew in the initial encounter between Boaz and Ruth, but it was clear that these were two people who loved God and had lifestyles that reflected such.

This week the climax of this book begins to take shape.  These two God-honoring people with high moral character will encounter each other in a context where they could throw it all away.  Good thing that God-loving people who live committed to God-reflecting standards never encounter temptation…right?  

“There is enough within thy soul, O Christian, though thou be one of the best of
saints, to destroy thee in an hour unless the grace of God guard thee and keep thy
passions in check, and prevent thy stubborn will from asserting its own rebellious
Charles Spurgeon

The Proposal of Ruth 3 includes scenes of amazing temptation and potential compromise, added to the even more amazing grace of God.  You’re not going to want to miss the unfolding of this chapter.  Join us this Sunday for Redeeming Ruth at LifePoint Church @ 9 or 11am.

About Pastor Andrew

Follower of Jesus, Husband to Carissa, Daddy to four daughters, Lead Pastor at LifePoint Church in Vancouver, WA.
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