Narrow and the Holy Spirit

Dear Christian,

It’s been too long since my last letter.  I apologize.  You’ll remember my last correspondence was half a year ago when I wrote to you about our good friends Repentance and Confession.   

My heart is heavy as I write to you tonight concerning a subject of great importance.  It has to do with our beautiful comforter, mighty counselor and divine peace, Holy Spirit.  My address is more of a warning.  I want to warn you about two extreme usurpers, crafty and misleading, but easily trusted.  They never come right out and identify themselves.  They steal their way into our good grace through Experience or Excess, but once inside, they suck the marrow of our souls dry and abandon us at the Chalet of Empty Irrelevance.   

 Their names are Narrow and Neglect.

Narrow steps in at the opportune time after we meet Experience. 

Now don’t get me wrong, Experience in his own right possesses some redeeming qualities.  He is not infallible, but he is valid.  He accompanies Holy Spirit in so many different ways, but he is NOT Holy Spirit.  Christian, you must realize this!  Holy Spirit is God.  Experience is NOT God! 

Experience is a tricky fellow.  He can be so helpful, and extremely fulfilling, but he can also be spurious and fleeting.  Why?  Well, unfortunately he doesn’t always come with Word.  Despite the fact that Word and Experience have a long history together, Experience will turn you into a fool if you trust him when Word isn’t present.  I’ve learned that whenever I run into Experience, especially at times when he’s acting a little weird, I make sure Word isn’t too far off.  Like a designated driver who bails out a friend given to excess, Word keeps Experience from bringing harm to himself or others in his path.  Word protects Experience, guides him, keeps him anchored on solid ground.

Back to the subject at hand.  When Experience opens the door for Narrow, the result as it pertains to Holy Spirit in your life is catastrophic.  Narrow squeezes Holy Spirit into a tiny little container that fits conveniently in your pocket.  He minimizes Him and tricks you into believing that you’ll only find him at the same place, time, and way in which you first encountered Him when you initially met Experience.  It’s ridiculous.  Narrow even attempts to use Word like a puppet-master to prove his theories on Holy Spirit are legitimate (of course this isn’t really Word but only a cardboard cutout of Word, we all know Word never leaves the side of his body-guard Context).  Please hear me Christian.  Realize that at the moment Narrow “puts Holy Spirit in your pocket,” he has convinced you to exchange the true God for an illusion.  God can’t fit in your pocket.  So if Narrow tricks you into believing you’re walking around with Holy Spirit tucked away serenely where you last placed Him, you’re in for a rude awakening when you find your pocket populated only with lint. 

All of this to say, beware of Narrow when it comes to the subject of the Holy Spirit.  He’ll always attempt to fashion God into an image that looks strangely like the mirror you check yourself in every morning.

I have run out of space.  I will have to take up the subject of Neglect and Holy Spirit in my next letter.

Grace and Peace.

About Pastor Andrew

Follower of Jesus, Husband to Carissa, Daddy to four daughters, Lead Pastor at LifePoint Church in Vancouver, WA.
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  1. Yes! thank you for writing on this subject.

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