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LPC Youth Winter Camp

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Courageous: The Movie

My wife and I finally got around to watching Courageous the other night.  It’s been out for several months, but we hadn’t yet made time to watch it.  If you’re unfamiliar with it, it is a movie produced by a … Continue reading

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Need a Mentor? Be Careful…

Mentorship is a good thing. Mentors have the experience and wisdom to teach valuable lessons about life, work, marriage, ministry, handling finances, and many other areas; all from the standpoint of someone who has been equipped through first-hand trial and … Continue reading

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Jesus + Nothing = Everything

The title of this blog is the big idea of my sermon this morning on Philippians 1:8-11.  It is an equation that has been on my mind for several weeks, since about the time I purchased a book by this title.  … Continue reading

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A Prayer

This Sunday morning I’m preaching Philippians 1:8-11.  I pray through my text every single week.  What I mean by “pray through it” is that I meditate on it, I usually memorize it, and I pray for clarity and wisdom in preparing … Continue reading

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Talkin’ Church Postponed

Due to the weather we are postponing all of tonight’s activities at the church facility. Stay home and stay safe. We’ll continue Talkin’ Church next Wednesday. Enjoy the snow!

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The Gas Can of Authority

Do you know who John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton was?  He was an historian and moralist who lived from 1834-1902.  I would venture to say that no one reading this (including myself 45 seconds ago) had any idea about the identity of … Continue reading

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Talkin’ Church Part 1 Teaching

We experienced some technical difficulties in our filming of last week’s first installment of the “Talkin’ Church” teaching.  We will have the audio/video posted as soon as we’re able to get it rectified.  My apologies.  We do have the physical … Continue reading

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Exploding Bible Verses

Sometimes Bible verses explode. I was sitting down this morning to begin my sermon preparation for the week, and I started the actual study process by pasting the text into a Word document.  My plan was to dive into Philippians … Continue reading

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Church Exits

I’m reading a book right now called Essential Church.  The theme of the book centers around the study of churches which have managed to build a culture that provides key essential elements that help their members to thrive.  Why is … Continue reading

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