Is Your Church a Didgery-Doo?

Have you ever found yourself drained by “doing church,” and wondering why you can’t just “be church?”  I preached a message about 9 months ago title “doing church.”  My big idea was “It’s time to stop doing and start being.” 

But how do we do that? 

The one word answer: discipleship. 

But how do we become disciples?  And how, on the local church level, do we make disciples?  

Well, there must be a process.
And there must be a strategy.

If the vision or mission is to “make disciples,” there must be a process and strategy in place for producing discipleship.  Seems obvious right? 

Imagine walking up to a giant factory building.  On the outside it says “Didgery-Doos, Inc.”  As you walk into the lobby of this huge plant, you discover their vision statement right above the receptionist’s desk.  “We make Didgery-Doos!”  You use your incredible intellectual powers to surmise that this is a place committed to making Didgery-Doos.  Yet you’ve always wondered how it is done.  You’re here for a tour.  As the tour-guide takes you from the front lobby onto a sky-bridge overlooking the factory floor, you’re amazed at what you see.  Total chaos, absolute congestion, and massive complexity seem to be the core values of this Didgery-Doo plant.  There are no assembly lines.  There is no discernable process.  The equipment seems to be outdated and unmaintained.  The workers are wearied by the mad dashes they make throughout the factory floor as they sprain ankles on trip hazards, run into each other, and scramble for the right supplies to feed into the Didgery-Doo machines.  As you leave, you’re not surprised to hear from your tour guide, “This has been a tough year.  We haven’t really made as many Didgery-Doos as we thought we would make…It kind of feels like we’re spinning our wheels.  A lot of our workers are burned out, tired, and the vision and commitment-level seem to be waning.  And when we did manage to make a Didgery-Doo, it almost felt like it happened by accident.”    

Not a pretty picture right?  At least most churches don’t resemble that Didgery-Doo factory.  At least most churches don’t find themselves congested, complex, and filled with workers who are worn out, burned out, and wondering if there’s a better way. 

Have you ever been a part of a church that existed to “make disciples,” yet the process for doing such didn’t seem abundantly clear?  If so, you have experience in a complex and/or congested church. 

Simple Church is a book you need to read.  It’s about forming a simple discipleship process within a local church, removing complexity and congestion, and building a structure where people can thrive and transformation can happen effectively and on purpose. 

I highly recommend this book.  It is a must for church leaders.  It will challenge your thinking and make you uncomfortable at times, but in the end you’ll have a vision for a simple process of making disciples and maximizing your impact in your community.


About Pastor Andrew

Follower of Jesus, Husband to Carissa, Daddy to four daughters, Lead Pastor at LifePoint Church in Vancouver, WA.
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