The Answer to the Prayer for Peace

Conflict around us is connected to the conflict within us.

Before you balk at that and punch your computer screen, hear me out.  I didn’t say “Conflict around you is connected to the conflict within you.”  I said “us.” 

We all know that at times there is conflict around us that acts upon us that is completely outside and uncaused by us. 


  • A family member or friend whose addictions cause suffering and pain in the lives of those who love them.
  • A volatile work environment that is produced by the character, lifestyles, or prejudices of a boss or associates. 
  • A 9 car pile-up that we are involved with when we get sandwiched between the truck that re-ends us and the car we are pushed into.

Realizing that these and many other circumstances exist, you may have immediately scoffed at my opening line.  Yet I repeat:

Conflict around us is connected to the conflict within us.

What I mean by us is humanity

The conflict we deal with in our daily lives may not be the result of our personal sin, but it is the result of our (humanity’s) sin.  And whether or not you and I cause the specific mess, we all step in it every day (or it’s flung at us and smacks us in the face). 

This morning I finished up the preliminaries on a message I’m preaching this Sunday on Habakkuk 3:1-16.  It’s part 4 of a 5-week series on Habakkuk.  The title of this specific message is “The prayer for peace.” Habakkuk 3 is a long prayer that closes the book.  After two complaints to God about the conflict around him, and two answers from God about the conflict both around and within him, Habakkuk prays.  His prayer is a prayer for peace. 

What’s the answer to any prayer for peace?

The answer begins with the realization that the conflict around us is connected to the conflict within us. 

Once we realize this, we’ll realize that the answer to the prayer for peace is the same answer to the conflict within us.    

Any ideas what that answer may be?

About Pastor Andrew

Follower of Jesus, Husband to Carissa, Daddy to four daughters, Lead Pastor at LifePoint Church in Vancouver, WA.
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