Financial Peace

“This is ridiculous,” I murmured.  “Only in America could you drive a Jaguar and not have the money to put gas in it.”

Thus begins Financial Peace Revisited, the sequel to…(wait for it)…Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey.  Ramsey took his finance degree and real estate acumen and leveraged them into a multi-million dollar portfolio before his twenty-seventh birthday.  Then he crashed.  A committed Christian, he turned to God and sought insight on where to go next as his business, security, possessions, and confidence disappeared and his marriage almost collapsed.  By the grace of God Dave and his wife Sharon were able to work their way back up from rock-bottom, and through it all he has developed into one of the most respected financial advisors in the country.  Over 25 years later he has authored several books, hosts a nationally syndicated radio program, and has helped millions of people wade their way through difficult financial matters.  

At LifePoint Church we will be offering his highly successful Financial Peace University course beginning in January, 2012.  I’ve been familiar with Ramsey for quite a while, and have worked my way through some of his other stuff, but this is the first time I read Financial Peace.  It was a great read.  In this updated edition his wife Sharon writes a short section at the end of each chapter, giving her vantage point on the principles he addresses.  It’s an amazing resource for everyone, because as he says in the book, “either you will control money, or money will control you.” 

If you have any source of debt to pay off, or are looking to grow in your knowledge of investing, saving, or budgeting, I highly recommend Financial Peace.  Written from a Christian standpoint, it gives vital tools for learning to leverage your money.  I think it’s great in this regard, because as we get control of our money, our ability to use it for God’s kingdom will be maximized.  Don’t wait for January before you start thinking about your 2012 financial goals.  Get a head-start by checking out Financial Peace Revisited.

About Pastor Andrew

Follower of Jesus, Husband to Carissa, Daddy to four daughters, Lead Pastor at LifePoint Church in Vancouver, WA.
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1 Response to Financial Peace

  1. Jon & Angela Friesen says:

    We have been on the Financial Pease program for 22 months. We have experienced an 80% reduction in income and have heavily relied on God to provide for our family and help us finish what we started. 8 months to go to freedom from debt of any kind.

    Jon & Angela Friesen

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