One Church: Two Expressions

This Sunday, September 18, LifePoint Church is giving birth.  Exactly 8 months ago this week, we consolidated to one Sunday morning gathering.  We were in the beginning of the Ekklesia series, I preached Acts 2:42-47, and the big idea of the message that week was “A growing church is a growing church.”  The direction we felt God was leading us at that time was to come together and unify in one Sunday gathering so that we could grow together as ONE church. 

In the 8 months since that week a growing church has become a growing church.  As we have individually grown in our faith, knowledge of God, and commitment to His mission for us, He has substantially grown our church. 

When we consolidated to one gathering, we never wondered for a minute IF we would someday launch a second one, the question was WHEN it would be time.  After several months of prayer, planning, and development, we believe it’s time. 

Why now?  What does this change bring us at this time? 

There are a variety of factors, space is a big one.  The only major room used on Sunday that still comfortably fits everyone is our Main Auditorium.  Space has become a challenge for our nursery and kids ministries because of the growth we’ve experienced.  These are good issues to have! 

Another positive for two gatherings on Sunday will be the many more opportunities to serve in the church.  Our growth this year has brought in hundreds of new people who now call LifePoint Church home.  Two of our core values: compassionate service and engaging mission, speak to the value and necessity for every Christian to be engaged in serving as members of the body.  In ministries such as children, youth, the nursery, impressions (greeters, ushers, hospitality, and security), tech, music, and the response team, there are now twice the number of opportunities to serve at LPC on a Sunday.  I know what you’re thinking: “How do I get involved?!”  The key: take initiative.  You can stop in the lobby on Sunday at the big sign that says “Step Up: Get Involved” and talk to leaders working there, or you can send an email to

A third opportunity we have as we launch to two gatherings is the ability to offer two different expressions on a Sunday morning.  How will that look?  Right now we are calling these two expressions “contemporary” and “progressive,” and the main distinction will be music style.  Those aren’t perfect words, they do carry some pre-conceived ideas about preference, and they have been used a lot in the church world. 

Basically, the contemporary expression (meeting at 9:30am) will be what you are used to if you regularly attend LifePoint Church.  Musically, it will be more piano driven, with multiple signers, and the general make-up of the gathering will be familiar to you if you’ve attended for any length of time.  The second gathering, meeting at 11:30am, will be a new expression that LifePoint Church hasn’t experienced before.  The music will be guitar-driven, with a smaller band, and probably a bit louder than the 9:30am.  There will be a few unique features of this gathering as well, and the structure will be slightly different. 

What will be the same?

Both gatherings will offer God-focused, God-centered worship, excellence, and the Word being preached.  I will preach the same message in both gatherings each week.  Though the expressions will be slightly different, we will remain ONE church.  We are a church that exists to glorify God as a community being transformed by Jesus Christ.  That mission and vision will not change.  And that mission and vision, over preference, taste, or style, will be what drives us and unifies us as ONE CHURCH.


About Pastor Andrew

Follower of Jesus, Husband to Carissa, Daddy to four daughters, Lead Pastor at LifePoint Church in Vancouver, WA.
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One Response to One Church: Two Expressions

  1. Two expressions. I like that–and I also like the word unity. I pray that this will have a major influence toward all of LPC congregants to “be in unity” no matter the expressions from each of us. We are all at different places in our lives and each place has it’s good points and we should be encouraging to each other to be free to express those. We are the Church–I pray that we will continue on in the love of Christ exalting His name together!

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