Making and Marking

Dear Christian,

A subject of much of my recent thought has been the status of our dear friends, Repentance and Confession.  You remember them right?  In the early days of your life you knew them well.  In fact, they made you who you are today.  The life you now experience was made possible through your original meeting and embrace of these two trusted allies. 

Do you remember that day?  I’m talking about the day when you first made their acquaintance.  Initially it was pretty hilarious watching you interact with them.  When you met them you didn’t understand anything about them.  The necessity of their existence was something that you could hardly grasp.  Why give them more than a passing thought?  Your native language was so different from theirs, that the communication between you and they was awkward at best, nonsensical at worst.  But after seeing the fruit of their lives, you began to let them in.  Then came that day, that day when you embraced them, adopted their character, and followed them through the gates to the country you now call home.  They showed you Jesus, and they helped take Him from an enigma to a Savior in your life. 

But I’ve noticed a disturbing trend recently, one that I need to articulate as your friend and brother.  You seem to have lost contact with these two dear friends.  Repentance and Confession have slipped from your consciousness, and are once again those awkward acquaintances in your life.  Because of the infrequency of your contact with them, when you see their name pop up on your phone you regrettably let the call ring through to voicemail.  I know how you feel…a friend who was once so close will take a lot of time out of your day if you pick up that call.  You may not like what they have to say, and the place where that conversation may lead is not something you want to think about right now. 

But as much as it may hurt, and as much as your new friends Arrogance and Apathy may deceive you, Repentance and Confession will always bring you back to Jesus.  Arrogance and Apathy have tricked you into thinking Jesus looks and acts a lot like you.  But that’s not really Jesus.  As much as these new bedfellows of yours are trying to convince you that you know more now than you did then, that you’re more mature, that you can’t risk the fallout that would occur from answering the call of Repentance and Confession; they’re dead wrong.  They’re deceiving you, and they’re using you and causing you to use others. 

You need to realize something about Repentance and Confession: they don’t just make you, Christian; they also mark you, Christian. 

That buzzing sound you hear?  That’s your phone on vibrate.  I think you know who is calling.  Pick it up.  And get back into the habit of not ignoring that call.

About Pastor Andrew

Follower of Jesus, Husband to Carissa, Daddy to four daughters, Lead Pastor at LifePoint Church in Vancouver, WA.
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