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Spurgeon on The Good Shepherd

There are certain pastors and preachers whose perspective on God’s Word have made a great impact on my life. Reading their books, sermons, or commentaries brings amazing clarity to God’s truth. One such man is Charles Spurgeon. He’s been dead … Continue reading

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Remember the Gospel

I’m preaching on a passage of Scripture tomorrow morning that I’m still trying to wrap my mind around.  Writing usually helps. Jesus calls himself “the good shepherd” in John 10.  It seems simple enough right?  He’s not a hired hand, … Continue reading

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Simplicity in Preaching

A little while ago I ordered what I thought was a book on preaching.  When it showed up inside an Amazon box with some of its friends it ended up being more of a pamphlet than a book.  It looks … Continue reading

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The Will of God Between Your Ears

Finding the will of God is kind of like getting rid of the hiccups, no one really knows how, but everyone has a theory that they’ve heard works.  “Stand on your head for two hours while praying Psalm 63 and … Continue reading

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You Need Ebenezer

We had a spirited discussion in our staff meeting yesterday about worship music.  Admittedly, American evangelicals in the 21st century have the dubious distinction of majoring in the minors.  Need proof?  In the last few decades, one of the great … Continue reading

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Sheep Book

I’m reading through a book right now that I am using as a resource in my sermon study on John 10:1-18 over the next two weeks.  The book is by Phillip Keller and it is called A Shepherd Looks at … Continue reading

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Head and Heart in the ON Position

In 2009 a number of pastors and students gathered at a church in Chicago for a one-night event that brought together two highly respected and accomplished pastor-theologian-authors.  The focus of the event was to allow John Piper and D.A. Carson … Continue reading

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